Yet Another Turtle Editor - forked from YASQE

About YATE

YASQE is part of the regular YASGUIYASQE is part of the regular YASGUI web application. YASQE provides a simple syntax highlighted text area, bundled with features such as autocompletion, and the option to query SPARQL endpoints.
YATE is a fork for the simpler Turtle syntax.
var yate = YATE(document.getElementById("showcase"));
(or, if you would like to instantiate YATE from an existing text area, use var yate = YATE.fromTextArea(document.getElementById('textAreaItem'));


A big thanks goes out to: A big thanks transitively goes out to:
  • The people behind the Flint SPARQL editor for publishing the javascript SPARQL grammar
  • Marijn Haverbeke for his great work on the CodeMirror library syntax highlighting library
  • Pierre-Yves Vandenbussche and Bernard Vatant for their useful Linked Open Vocabularies service, of which Laurens use the API to autocomplete properties and classes
  • Richard Cyganiak for his simple but effective service, which Laurens use for autocompleting prefixes.