YATE is a fork of the YASQE Library. Where YASQE provides YASQE in the global namespace, we provide YATE.

Getting Started

Initialize YATE via its constructor, or via the command fromTextArea. Both return in instance of YATE, from now on referred to as yate (lowercase). Both function take as argument a config object. See the section on defaults for more information on this config object.

YATE(parent: DOM-Element, settings: Object) → YATE instance: yate

Main YATE constructor. Pass a DOM element as argument to append the editor to, and (optionally) pass along config settings (see the YATE.defaults object below, as well as the regular CodeMirror documentation, for more information on configurability)

YATE.fromTextArea(textArea: DOM element, config: Object) → YATE instance: yate

Initialize YATE from an existing text area (see CodeMirror for more info)